Shipment Services

JUNG's Ghana Shipment Services helps its clients to ship goods from Europe to Ghana in the simplest and safest way possible. 

We have branches in many German cities and across Europe, with our central warehouse located in Hamburg, Germany.

JUNG's Ghana handles all kinds of goods such as Building materials, floor tiles, toilets, bathrooms, windows, doors, window and door frames, kitchenettes, bed linen, wallpaper, furniture, washing machines, ovens, etc..

Our standard boxes brings a special advantage to our customers, which are a standard freight price and a standard dimensions:
80 cm x 57 cm x 52 cm (large) & 60 cm x 54 cm x 32 cm (small)

Our Shipment Services offers the best value for money on the market! or .com

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The Shipment Service is available all year round:

The most common shipments take place in the Easter, summer and Christmas time.

Easter holidays:
Easter usually falls between the months of March and April. Goods that should arrive on time must reach our warehouse in Hamburg or one of our recognized branches by mid to end of February.

Summer holidays:
In summer, the goods should be submitted to us by the end of May, as in the months of June and September the maximum shipping tip is reached.

Christmas holidays:
In order for the Christmas gifts to arrive in time, the goods must arrive by the end of October.

Duration of transport:
The shipment to Ghana and the handling of the papers for the customs takes about 4 - 5 weeks. The delivery conditions mentioned above were written in favor of the client so that the goods arrive in time. Future clients are guaranteed timely delivery if you adhere to the above times.

Important Notice:

JUNG's Ghana requires the client to properly explain what is in the boxes, in the form of a list attached. Commercial goods must also be listed by the client so that Ghana-Cargo can calculate the import duties. Commercial goods are commodities in commercial quantities and may also include electrical equipment, construction materials and clothing. If goods are not listed in the declarations, this can lead to a breach of contract, which can lead to a fine!

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